Company Profile

Spectrum Design Group is a planning and design practised based in Melbourne, Singapore & Italy/Europe. Our success starts from outset of the project, determining the best designs solutions, maximising client’s brief requirements and understanding through studying current design trends and marketing demands. Spectrum’s international experience has been invaluable in the development of knowledge base and the refinement of our methods for a more cost effect service sustainable energy friendly design that reassures every client that our services will add value to their project. With a wide international experience In its 15 years of operation, the firm is experienced in under taking complicated projects with delivering achievable results to its clients.

Spectrum has established a philosophy to increase returns and perform during strict floor plans and costing awareness however delivers comfortable surroundings that amaze all our clients, owners and tenants. The Spectrum featured designs and projects show its inner qualities that can be taken towards a variety of developments.

Our talented and professional team of designers have a keen eye for attention to detail and understand the correct balance between creativity and commercial design.

The Spectrum Team

The Spectrum team is focused to assist co-ordinate the best consultants in order to maximize the best cost solution in the most efficient time manner.

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